Cards and Payments Master class is designed to walk you through the complex world of the global cards and payments industry. You will be walked through the dynamics of modern cards and payments, emerging markets, fraud, mobile payments and operational issues. The Master class will help you gain a comprehensive overview of the cards & payments industry, identify major key players and stakeholders in the industry and also evaluate the impact of legal and regulatory requirements. The course is also aimed at investors, regulators and suppliers who need a big picture introduction into this complex industry.


  • Discover ways to realistically plan growth in an era of rapid change in technology, customers and opportunities
  • Examine the target market and learn how to select the best product to suit your customers
  • Navigate the complex regulations and legal constraints around cards and payments
  • Learn using real life case studies

Essentials of The Cards and Payments Industry

  • Introduction
  • Speed Marketing
  • Essentials of the cards and payments industry
  • Economics – Making money in payments
  • Marketing – Payment products & pricing
  • Marketing – Promotion and channels


Payments Infrastructure

  • Strategic Operations
  • Leveraging technology change for growth
  • Risk management – fraud
  • The customer experience

Merchant Acquiring

  • Merchant acquiring
  • Payments environment
  • Building a payments business
  • Leading trends in payments


  • Head of Cards
  • Retail Bankers
  • Head of Payments
  • Product Managers
  • New Entrant Payments Managers & Executives
  • Business Development Managers
  • Sales Executives
  • Marketing Managers & Directors
  • Public Relations Specialists
  • Strategic Planning

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