The course will teach how to successfully run a corporate banking network, how to manage your clients proactively and how to be responsive to their different needs. It will help you to set appropriate goals to your branches and RMs and monitor the success of your marketing campaigns. The RMs will be shown how to analyze the different financial needs of their clients and react with innovative proposals. This approach will help your organization to improve the cross-sell rate, reduce the price pressure and increase the client’s loyalty. The course will deepen your understanding of risk adjusted product pricing and how to measure client and product profitability.


  • Successfully segment the different corporate customers and to understand their different product and financing needs.
  • Efficiently manage the client relationship and prepare the calls.
  • Improve the share of wallet and your cross-sell ratio.
  • Develop product bundling.
  • Setting appropriate goals to the RMs and monitoring their success.
  • Align product specialists and corporate finance bankers with corporate banking organisations.
  • Measure client and product profitability.
  • Set appropriate pricing for the different client segments
  • Establish productive relationships with your internal or external clients
  • Commit to mutual goals with the client
  • Plan for results collaboratively with the client
  • Provide ongoing support to the client
  • Assess the consulting relationship


  •     Executives and managers in corporate and SME Banking
  •     Regional and branch managers
  •     Relationship managers and product specialists
  •     Members of the planning and strategic department
  •     Members of the controlling department
  •     Professionals of the marketing and sales departments

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