As economies become more sophisticated and complex, so does fraud. The syndicates behind these crimes are becoming more organised with quick access to investing in the latest technology.

Auditors appear to be always catching up. This program aims to show you how you can try to be ahead or at least on par in fraud detection and fraud investigation methodologies before major harm occurs to your organisation. We explore the fraudster’s mindset, learn how they exploit processes as well as how they use their networks. Several actual cases are used to illustrate how these crimes are perpetrated and how they were eventually caught. The methodology employed in the program is essentially hands-on cases. We will walk through the investigative life cycle examining the various approaches available. Understanding how to document and report your investigation will also be included.


• Introduction to the fraud environment
• Exploring the Fraudster’s Mind?
• The Psychology of Fraud
• Incorporating Investigative elements in routine audits
• Using technology to detect fraud
• How to create a Flags Check list
• Scenario analysis of fraud patterns and types – case studies
• Understanding the investigation life cycle
• Documenting the investigation

• Introduction to Forensics methodology with case studies
• Evidence Law and investigative evidence
• Introduction to Investigative interviews with case studies
• Investigators tools and techniques
• Investigators skill sets
• Identifying risk areas
• Report writing for investigations
• Conclusion – The way forward.


Heads, Managers, Advisors in:

  • Auditors both internal and external
  • Finance personnel
  • Senior management
  • Bank credit and risk management
  • Operational controllers
  • Risk officers

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