In recent years, the corporate spotlight has focused increasingly on Chief Internal Auditors and on the impact and influence they and their teams can have. Their personal and professional relationships with their key stakeholders are vital to the reputation of the internal audit function and the support it receives within the organisation. This course will provide the Chief Internal Auditor with practical guidance aimed at enhancing their position and profile within their organisation, as well as the reputation and performance of their team.


By attending this course you gain a clear understanding of all of the various departments and functions within a typical financial institution as well as:

  • Key elements of modern-day banking
  • Understanding derivatives
  • Understanding hedging and risk and its effects
  • Understanding payment systems and its effects on a firm
  • How to audit credit and market risks


  • How to perform audits for retail banking operations
  • How to perform audits for corporate banking operations
  • How to audit the dealing room
  • How to audit clearing services
  • How to audit the trade finance function
  • How to audit the private banking department


  • Chief Internal Auditors
  • Heads of Internal Audit
  • Incoming Chief Internal Auditors
  • Future or Aspiring Chief Internal Auditors
  • Risk Management and Compliance Officers

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