Investing in equities in all its forms, instruments and vehicles, when compared to other asset classes, offers investors an unparalleled long-term return potential – combined with income distribution in many cases, and a unique strategic value to businesses, institutional investment funds, and individual investment portfolios.

This workshop becomes essential given the upcoming economic and financial scenario, which most likely include increasing interest rates which will hit bond prices; a lower refinancing capacity in the corporate sector which will lead to restructurings and potential defaults. Global investors will find new investment growth opportunities in equity IPOs, mergers, privatizations, infrastructure and project finance, which build a case to consider increasing equity holdings in the investment portfolios.


  • Maximize portfolio returns and control down-side risk by incorporating strategically equity investments in their portfolios
  • Comprehend the benefits and strategic value of equity asset class compared to other asset classes and become aware of the real risk of the equity asset class
  • Identify the economic, business, and financial cycles of a company in order to determine how long to keep stocks in an investment portfolio and when to sell them
  • Apply effectively relevant market and equity ratios and multiples in order to conduct an efficient stock selection to achieve expected investment objectives
  • Understand the main aspect of private equity
  • Learn about the types of PE funds, investment process, and investment structures
  • Learn about the different kind of PE fund investors & their objectives
  • Understand how the corporate and management of PE is build
  • Understand and measure the gap between low priced stocks and their intrinsic value and growth potential
  • Uncover the formation of asset bubbles and the behavioural finance anomalies that impact market prices and the return of equity investments
  • Examine market sentiment and momentum, in order to identify technical signals that reveal potential up-trends, down-trends, and trendless price movements
  • Analyse the benefits, limitations, and hidden risks of the different equity funds and alternative investment structures and legal investment vehicles available for equity investments: Limited Partnerships, Corporations (Off-shore/On-Shore), Alternative Mutual Funds, ETFs, ETNs, ETPs, Structured Products and Hedge Funds
  • Determine the most efficient management style and strategy or different types of equity investments based on different investment objectives and risk-return restrictions
  • Analyse and control the efficiency of equity investment portfolios and funds using risk adjusted return measures to determine tracking errors, objective deviations, and unexpected risk factors that require rebalancing


  • Asset Managers and Mutual Fund Managers
  • Financial Advisors and Consultants
  • Brokers and Financial Products Sales professionals
  • Private Bankers and Wealth Managers
  • Family Office Representatives, Analysts, and Relationship Managers
  • Sovereign Fund investors
  • Private Investors

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