The workshop introduces participants to the mechanics and terminologies of trading and treasury management relating to Foreign Exchange and Money Markets.  Through an intensive hands-on simulation they will also become familiar with the instruments, the factors affecting FX & Money Markets, calculation of cross, forward and swap rates and customer pricing.  Also included are various Treasury risks and the strategies to mitigate the associated risks.

Participants will come to understand the various inter dependencies of the different markets and products, how to manage liquidity, interpret economic news and formulate and implement a complete market strategy.  This workshop will build and reinforce the participant’s understanding of Foreign Exchange, Money Markets and Treasury Management.


  • Local and Foreign Money Market Instruments
  • Effective Cost of Funds
  • Spot, Cross, Forward and Swap Exchange Rates
  • P&L Calculations
  • Economic Scenario Analysis
  • Trading, Positioning and Gapping
  • Liquidity Management
  • Interbank Trading & Customer Bidding
  • Pricing of FX & MM Instruments
  • Identifying Customer Needs and matching these to Treasury Products
  • Treasury Controls & Mitigants
  • Market Risk Management The simulation workshop recreates the realism of the trading environment and provides the opportunity to apply the concepts in a dynamic, real world simulated Treasury environment.


  • Dealers and Traders
  • Treasury Staff
  • Treasury Marketing Officers
  • Treasury Operations Staff
  • Relationship Managers from the Wholesale Bank (Corporate & Commercial)
  • Risk Managers, Market Risk Managers and Credit Analysts
  • Financial Control
  • Personnel in Capital Markets & Corporate Finance
  • Others who would like to build or reinforce their understanding of Foreign Exchange, Money Markets and Treasury Management.

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