The effectiveness of the Treasury function in managing risk is crucial to the sound management of an organization. This became very clear during the credit crunch when a number of assumptions about behavioural risk factors were found to have been seriously underestimated, and in some cases resulted in the demise of the organisation. The Treasury Risk Management course will provide a broad understanding of the role of the treasury function in managing risk, from the point of view of both corporate and bank treasuries, and also give the non treasury business manager insight into the role treasury can play in managing risk and supporting business development. The course is designed to develop delegates’ ability to recognise and assess the range of financial risks which can arise from its business activity, and provide an understanding of the risk management framework required for effective risk management, as well as covering the practical issues encountered in execution.


  • The role of treasury in risk management
  • How to assess the market risk arising from business activity and key issues to consider in determining hedging strategies
  • The most widely used financial products available to hedge market risk, the risks associated with these tools and other approaches to risk mitigation at a practical level
  • Liquidity risk, how to measure it and strategies for managing it
  • The link between risk and capital management
  • The principles of Funds Transfer Pricing and its role in risk management and the appropriate pricing of customer products
  • Treasury and Risk Management Organisation and Strategy
  • Treasury Cash Flow Risks from Interest Rate and FX Movements
  • WORKSHOP I: Interactive Case Study on Modeling and Managing Cash Flow Risks from FX and Interest Rate Moves
  • Treasury Cash Flow Risks from Interest Rate and FX Movements
  • Treasury’s Investment Portfolios Fair Value Risks
  • WORKSHOP II: Interactive Case Study on Managing Investment Portfolio Value Risks
  • Treasury Investment Fair Value Risks
  • Hedge-Counterparty and Obligor Credit Risks
  • WORKSHOP III: Interactive Case Study on Counterparty Exposures


  • Corporate Treasury Executives
  • Corporate Finance Executives
  • Relationship Officers
  • Money Market Managers
  • Foreign Exchange Executives
  • Accountants and Auditors
  • all those involved with Treasury Risk Management

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