Although advancing a business requires significant change, most corporate leaders aren’t well versed in the process of change, how to manage it or how to sustain it over time. Most think change is about issuing directives and clearly communicating with stakeholders, bosses and subordinates—but leading successful and sustainable change requires far more than this. Every day, a leader with a good idea fails at change management. Most fail because they can’t get beyond vision. Successful leaders need to take a holistic approach to organizational change: working top-down to influence stakeholders and mobilize support, and bottom-up to keep projects and people moving forward. Change Leadership Master Class will equip the participants with the necessary skills required for Change Management.


  • Learn how shifting economic, competitive, and global factors influence how organizations conduct business
  • Lead and implement change efforts at multiple levels within their organization.
  • Determine how to frame changes in a way that helps you identify and assess potential allies and resistors to your initiatives
  • Convey an understanding of the principles of bargaining power and influence in the process of negotiating a strategic initiative
  • Analyze the position of key stakeholders and the keys to influencing them in the right direction.
  • Analyze the political agendas of others in the organization, identify sources of support for your agenda, and develop a strategy for building support for your initiative
  • Develop a “roadmap” for establishing momentum for your agenda
  • Apply facilitative and directive leadership styles appropriately in teams and organizations
  • Become politically agile in order to manage the organizational culture to sustain momentum
  • Recognize and implement the key elements that make change sustainable.


  • Anyone leading change in an organization
  • New managers who have recently taken on a leadership roles
  • Black belts and green belts who want to develop their leadership abilities
Very intensive trainer. The organizers found the way to make very enjoyable and interesting. I like the way the instructor gave real life examples, So all could follow. Delegate Material was very useful.
It was amazing experience to attend this training organized by BIZENIUS. I hope to be working with you in the future.
The training was very good . Trainer has covered most of the key areas. He was using very creative examples which helped us to understand more.

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