Is your workforce performing at peak levels? Are you motivating your staff to produce consistently superior results? Whether you lead a team within a large organization or have responsibility for a business unit with hundreds of employees, you need more than good leadership skills to motivate and develop those who work for you.

In a collaborative learning environment featuring interactive exercises and lectures from subject matter experts, you’ll discover how to create and deploy people-focused strategies and initiatives to maximize bottom-line results. By Participating at Energizing People for Performance you’ll master processes and tools for motivating your team. You’ll leave the program a more effective manager, one better equipped to engage and energize your people.


  • Learn the qualities that define an emotionally intelligent leader and how to build, balance and strengthen them
  • Improve your ability to communicate expectations while deepening employee commitment
  • Understand how to leverage your strengths and the talents of others to foster results
  • Identify the multi-faceted forces that contribute to the success or failure of individual employees and effective methods to manage them
  • Learn essential methods for driving strategic implementation
  • Explore the importance of alignment among organizational strategy, culture and leadership to propel performance
  • Acquire core coaching skills for grooming others for leadership and practice them with peers in class
  • Develop strategies for communicating with key stakeholders to optimize relationships and elevate performance
  • Diagnose and develop your “change intelligence” and learn how to manage change with people in mind
  • Identify strategies to motivate and energize individuals to produce superior bottom-line results
  • Assess your leadership capabilities, preferences and approach to identify areas of strength and opportunity
  • Increase your personal effectiveness as a manager of people through experiential learning focused on practical application
  • Engage in small group discussion with a professional coach and develop a personal action plan you can implement immediately


  • Middle, upper and senior-level executives
  • Human resources professionals
  • High-potential employees who have (or will soon have) significant responsibility for managing and leading others

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