BIZENIUS training programs offers an in-depth, energetic and progressive approach to Leadership Development. Our programs are designed to transform managers into leaders, with proven tools and methods for maximizing potential of every team member and creating an environment for success. The result will be an energized team working in alignment to achieve your organization’s goals.


  • Creating Unique Value
  • Foundations of Value Creation and Value Capture
  • Strategic Value Propositions
  • The Effect of Market Structure on Firm Profitability
  • Surviving Market Transitions
  • Responding to Disruptive Events
  • Going Global
  • Develop self awareness and confidence as a leader, through 360° feedback and group coaching.
  • Identify what inspiring leadership means for you in your organisation.
  • Experience turning your vision into real business change.
  • Understand more about strategy, organisational culture and tools for change.
  • Enjoy the challenge and support of working with peers in confidential learning set meetings.


Vice presidents, executive directors, directors, senior managers, division managers and others with strategic leadership roles.


Our Upcoming Trainings

SME Banking Masterclass
SME Banking Masterclass
Asset & Liability Management
Asset & Liability Management
Digital Banking Leadership
Digital Banking Leadership
Product Management and Development for Retail Banks
Product Management and Development for Retail Banks

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