Successful leaders combine good business sense with inspiration, guidance and unwavering authority. Executive Leadership Program (ELP) creates a unique environment that provides each member with the individual insight, coaching, strategies and leadership skills needed to achieve better decisions and results for their company. Future-proof your organisation for sustained competitive advantage. Gain key perspectives and insights into the changing business world and gauge your organisation’s readiness for the future.

Connect with up to 20 executive peers from a diverse range of noncompetitive businesses and backgrounds in this one of a kind peer advisory and executive leadership development program. Harness the power of a group of fellow Leaders all driven to do the best for themselves and their peers.


  • Developing your skills as a strategic leader
  • Self-awareness and mutual awareness as CEO , MD and Chairman
  • Learning  from your brand and reputation
  • Why Leaders fail – your dark side
  • The nature and challenges of the Leadership role
  • Creating a winning vision and strategic plans for your organisation
  • The capabilities required for leading through change
  • Leveraging diversity for strategic advantage
  • Enhancing the performance of the Top Team
  • Reconciling tensions between the corporate centre and the operating businesses
  • Identifying and enhancing  the strategic capabilities of each of the participants
  • Identifying and enhancing each participants’ stakeholder engagement skills
  • Recognising the contribution of governance and the Board
  • Realising value from the Board
  • Recognising how to address critical dilemmas


This programme is aimed to enhance the capabilities, personal qualities and confidence of,
• High potential Executive Directors being prepared for the role of CEO
• Newly appointed CEO , MD , Chairman , GM ,Board of Directors
• Experienced CEO , MD , Chairman , GM , Board of Directors who are facing challenges in their role
• Chairman and Board Directors who wish to better relate to the Executive
• Executive Directors who wish to better appreciate their role and contribution within the Top Team

“The training was very well organized. The content was very relevant to my role. The interactive discussion was encouraged and the trainer was also very knowledgeable of the subject matter. I would recommend this training to all who are involved at some stage of retail banking product development.”
“I would like to recommend the marketing teams as well for this training. It was indeed a time well spent and a memorable experience.”
“It was an extraordinary training methodology and a multidisciplinary approach, as well as a clear and strong content structure that focused on core Retail banking. The training methodology helped participants to realize a deeper knowledge of Product Management and Development.”

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