Data is collected at every point of the talent lifecycle: applicant tracking systems, human resource information systems, learning management platforms, and performance reviews, to name a few. Why then, are HR practitioners failing to leverage and apply this information?

Analytics for Talent Management course is designed to address this issue a 2-day, interactive training that arms HR practitioners with the terminology, skills, and knowledge they require to effectively navigate the world of data and analytics, by learning how to think analytically, understand basic statistical techniques, and connect talent management initiatives to bottom-line business impact.


  • Optimized Talent Acquisition
  • Performance Managementunleashed
  • Engagement and Retentionunleashed
  • Continuous Learningunleashed
  • Global Leadership unleashed
  • Big Data and Analyticsunleashed
  • Rapidly move talent from early leadership to senior leadership
  • Retain and engage your top talent
  • Create more collaboration and knowledge sharing across your company
  • Increase women and diversity in leadership roles
  • Attract, engage, and retain Millenials


The Analytics for Talent Management course is valuable for everyone from mid-career HR practitioners doing data analytics themselves, and senior HR leaders that need to build or enhance their knowledge of data and analytics for talent management. Individuals tasked with running analytics projects and initiatives within HR, such as employee engagement, workforce planning, and talent acquisition, as well as those that lead teams of statisticians and analysts, will also find the course helpful.

  • HR Managers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Small Business Owners
  • HR and L&D Professionals

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