In this current challenging business environment, employing the right individual for the organization is crucial. Hiring the wrong individual not only has an impact on the cost of operation but also on the morale, productivity, and efficiency of the organisation.

A critical step in the employee selection is the interviewing and selection process. The competency-based Interview and selection technique focuses on the applicant past actions or behaviour in relation to the competencies or skills required for the job applied. Through this technique, hiring is more structured and focus rather than based on guess-work, potential bias or discrimination.


  • Consequences of a wrong hire

– Why interviewing is important for an organisation
– Why important for you as the hiring supervisor/ manager
– Impact of a wrong hire on an organisation

  • Traditional vs Competency-based Interview- Problems with traditional interviewing techniques
    – Types of questioning techniques
    – Key factors of competency-based interviewing
  • Developing Questions for Competency-Based Interviewing- Developing question based on job competencies needs
    – Questioning approach
    – Evaluating response
    – What not to ask
  • Interviewing Process- What is required before, during and after the interview
    – Selection technique
  • Practice – Interviewing Role Play


Managers, Executives & new HR Executives who have to develop the skills to ensure a professional approach to recruit and select the right candidates for the job. The competency based interview training course is designed for those who are responsible for making the selection decision for new members to their team. It can be tailored to meet the needs of team leaders, managers and recruitment practitioners.


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