International studies undertaken by Gallup have highlighted that women are often limited in their career progression due to a focus on fixing their weaknesses, and not building on strengths. The Women Empowerment and Leadership Workshop has been specifically designed to cater for the areas which women find most challenging, but which are key requirements for success in the 21st Century:

  1. Overcoming negative self-beliefs and empowering their internal strengths
  2. Developing their leadership of others, and how to be effective performers- Identifying Vision & Mission
  3. Dealing with conflict and Team management


Achieving Success in Business

Achieving Success in Business, has been designed specifically for women to overcome any negative perceptions and self-doubt, and propel them into their leadership journey with focus and determination

Effectively lead and motivate a team

It focuses on the most important skill for any leader: the ability to effectively lead and motivate their team, to gain maximum performance. This part of the training session will help develop participants’ performance management skills to ensure effective leadership of meetings, teams and projects. Whether a Director, Manager, Team Leader, or an HR Professional, this course has been designed with inherent flexibility to adapt and strengthen the skill-set of any professional across any level of business.

Effective Conflict Management

Effective Conflict Management, will offer women the capability to deal and reverse adverse conversations and come out on top with confidence and grace.
Jam-packed of activities with a proven track record of success, this course will assist participants in taking control and propelling their career whilst learning in the company of like-minded women.


Female – CEO, MD, Owners, Directors, VP’s, Senior Managers, Business Partners, Officers, Specialist, Supervisors, Advisors Of :

All Department and Companies, Senior leaders of corporations in all industries Business owners who have to be at the top of their game at all times Middle-management professionals who have their eye on the top job and all the risk it brings with it.


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