Emergency response situations in the Oil & Gas industry are fast moving, often dangerous and can be chaotic. To avoid the latter, attendance on this course is essential.

The range of potential incidents and emergencies which could affect, disrupt, or stress production are increasing. If managed correctly then not all these incidents will be critical or could be classed as a crisis, but those which result in significant losses, or put increased demand on the organisation will have serious consequences for the company, the company’s stakeholders, the country and the reputation of all those involved in the response. The Emergency Response & Crisis Management in Oil & Gas course will teach you that meeting the commitment involves more than just being fully prepared.


  • Evaluation of the latest listing of potential perilous risks to the Oil and Gas Industry
  • Design of effective Crisis Management & Emergency Response strategies
  • Communication strategies (including Social Media) for Call Centres, Emergency Centres and Media/Government Relations
  • Analysis and appraisal of industry case studies, table-top exercises with syndicate role-playing
  • Enhancement of Risk and Business Impact Analyses by researching world events
  • Understand the attributes between Incidents, Emergencies and Crisis in the industry
  • Develop methods on how to avoid unnecessary escalation & how to design command & control response to each scenario
  • Learn how to enhance on-scene leadership capabilities and techniques
  • Apply best practice in organizing Emergency Communications Centre (ECC), Emergency Response (ERT) and Crisis Management Teams (CMT) to their best advantage
  • Analyse the importance of human factor, the means to ensure the best psychological readiness, resource allocation, deployment, discipline and leadership.


The advanced nature of this course will prove beneficial to the Oil & Gas industry particularly those with responsibility for either planning for or responding to incidents, emergencies and crises across the complete management spectrum.

This course is suitable to a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit:

  • Ministry or Government Regulators
  • Fire, Safety and Security Professionals
  • Operation, Asset and Facility Professionals
  • Risk, Marketing and Insurance Professionals
  • Designated Incident, Emergency and Crisis Response Professionals
  • Line Managers and Supervisors and other professionals wishing to appraise their comprehension of Emergency Response

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