Shutdown and Turnaround Team Training is now recognized as a critical element to the overall success of any turnaround, shutdown or outage. Success is dependent on the ability of the turnaround team to work within a turnaround procedure prepared in the boardroom and executed in the field by others.


The benefit of attending the Plant Shutdown & Turnaround course is to:

  • Learn the necessary areas of responsibility of the turnaround team and the impact they have on the safety, success and efficiency of a plant shutdown
  • Two detailed and extensive tasks will be used to reinforce the practical implementation of these areas of responsibility when planning, organizing and executing a plant turnaround
  • Careers may be made or lost with a plant turnaround. A safe, efficient, on time, one budget turnaround will raise a persons profile whereas a safety incident prone and inefficient project may leave a corporate black cloud

Key Topics that will be covered

  • Strategy, Governance and Key Milestones
  • Scope of Work Development and Optimization
  • Turnaround Planning Process
  • Turnaround and safety
  • Contracting
  • Procurement and Materials Management
  • Quality Management
  • Execution
  • Post Turnaround


  • Supervisors Engineers Managers, Planners, Team Leaders and Coordinators
  • who are responsible for shutdown
  • Mechanical Engineer,Electrical Engineer, Production Engineer, Project engineer
  • HSE Heads , Managers , Supervisor and Advisors
  • Construction / Contractor Managers and Supervisors

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