This advanced sales curriculum course will empower sales consultants to negotiate and close high value sales with techniques to get the best out of any negotiation. The training is highly practical and interactive and will dramatically improve your negotiation and closing results to achieve the best possible result in any negotiation.

Delegates are taken through planning and tactics to enhance the winning outcome of your negotiation. We share tactics and techniques to better equip a sales person to anticipate the challenges before they occur. We will also discuss the impact of inter-cultural negotiation, and how to break the barrier of culture to make any negotiation a win.


  • Learn how the best sales people negotiate
  • Learn how the best buyers negotiate
  • Uncover where the power comes from in any negotiation
  • Find out why the negotiation is often won in the preparation stage, before the two sides meet.
  • Learn why body language is so important in any negotiation
  • Learn to recognize the most common manipulative tactics used by difficult people
  • Identify current ‘interpersonal’ communication style & establish strategies for effective negotiations skills
  • Develop listening skills with the intention to truly understand client challenges
  • Influence the sales process by accommodating each individual client’s ‘Needs, Values & Motivations’
  • Apply a strategic questioning method to uncover the client’s current areas of challenge & ideal outcomes.
  • Present valid solutions with purpose, relating directly to the buyer’s needs.
  • Manage and successfully convert resistance & objections.
  • Redirect counterproductive behaviors to maintain a consultative approach.
  • Develop your own personal negotiation style and learn how to play to your strengths.
  • Utilize planning tools that enable success in both planned and spontaneous negotiations.


  • Sales Executives and Consultants
  • Heads of Departments
  • Sales Managers
  • Sales Directors
  • Pre-Sales Staff
  • Contract Negotiators
  • Sales Support Staff

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