Mapping customer journeys and touchpoints by segment is the starting point for developing an effective customer engagement program to deliver brand promises.  Objectives and metrics should be set for different types of engagement opportunities such as raising awareness during customer’s initial research phase, increasing engagement and purchase intent during the consideration phase, maximizing conversion during the decision phase, and enhancing customer experience, satisfaction and advocacy during life time.   Best in class companies are increasingly using a range of digital media to engage with customers due to changing consumer habits and the growing spending power and influence of millennials.  Investing in digital marketing capabilities and making necessary organization changes is necessary for companies to fully capitalize on the power of digital platforms.


  • Assess effectiveness and relevance of telecoms providers’ current approaches to branding and customer engagement
  • Articulate key branding concepts and brand equity models
  • Define brand positioning and take into consideration of competitive dynamics in the market
  • Evaluate branding options for new products and services
  • Outline the key components of customer lifecycles, customer buying cycles, customer journeys and customer touch points
  • Design segmented customer engagement programs with clear objectives and metrics, targeted messages and appropriate communication channels
  • Develop integrated marketing communication
  • Recognize necessary organizational changes and investment to increase company’s digital marketing capabilities
  • Identify key performance indicators for effective branding and customer engagement


  • Product Design and Development
  • Branding
  • Marketing
  • Loyality / Retention
  • Customer Management
  • Customer Communications
  • Customer Engagements
  • PR
  • CRM
  • Sales and Channel Management

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