This demanding and comprehensive programme gives participants the tools to make a solid strategic appraisal of the changes taking place in the Telecom & Media industry and to develop appropriate strategies to enable telecom organizations to deliver value in future.  Participants apply new concepts and ideas to a realistic business simulation throughout the course, and can relate these to their own organizations and functions using the unique Post-programme Implementation Plan.


  • Identify the key sources of strategic value to communications and related organizations
  • Analyze the main strategic technology, market and business model trends prevalent in the converged communications industry
  • Evaluate the impact of these trends on service provider strategic positioning in the broader communications industry
  • Use strategic analysis skills to identify a sustainable ecosystem position for a communications organization
  • Assess the suitability and viability of strategic business models and evaluate the strategic financing options available for a communications player
  • Assess the financial implications of strategic decisions
  • Determine how to optimize the funding of strategic choices
  • Outline new corporate KPIs required to implement new strategic objectives
  • Design cross-functional KPIs that are fully-aligned corporate KPIs
  • Determine and develop organizational and ecosystem-wide sources of sustainable competitive advantage
  • Identify innovative strategic customer segments and develop a long-term positioning for these customers
  • Assess key risks to strategy in the rapidly evolving communications environment and develop an appropriate response
  • Articulate a clear strategic vision and plan for a communications organization
  • Discover their own leadership style and develop innovative thinking capabilities
  • Develop a solid strategic analysis skill set and strategic negotiation and decision-making capabilities
  • Become more confident in their contribution to strategic debate at senior level
  • Work with senior professionals from different backgrounds to enhance strategic decision-making and knowledge-sharing skills
  • Communicate complex strategic plans clearly to different audiences


This programme has been designed for mid-senior managers, future managers and specialists in telecommunications and related industries to develop effective telecom business strategies – equipping them to steer their organizations more effectively through a high risk environment.


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