The panel

  • Marko Škreb, Former governor, Croatian National Bank
  • Philip Wang, Senior vice-president, Enterprise Strategy and Business Development, Openlink
  • Eric Wolfe, Former deputy chief, Funds Management and Banking Department, Bank of Canada
  • Moderator: Christopher Jeffery, Editor-in-chief, Central Banking Publications

In the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis, inadequate credit risk management systems have been widely held responsible by regulators for spreading the crisis’ germs all over the financial sector. As a result, myriad regulations affecting credit risk mitigation have been introduced in the past decade, requiring market participants to change their credit management practices – especially when trading over-the-counter derivatives.

The challenges are daunting, however, new technologies are available to help banks adapt to the new normal in credit risk management and – in particular – collateral management.

The panel examines the key challenges currently faced by central banks within their credit risk framework, with key points of discussion including:

  • Credit risk management. An analysis of the challenges posed by new margin regulations on collateral management systems
  • Multicurrency credit support annexes. How the difficulties presented by a lack of transparency and complex agreements can be overcome
  • A new era of credit risk analytics. How new developments reflect the changes to collateral management
  • Market opportunity and competitive advantage. How technology can translate risks into opportunities

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