Banks in the MENA region understand that SME banking is the ‘missing profit generator’: corporate banking is too crowded and retail banking is too competitive for sustained profitability. Governments understand that SMEs are the most important sectors in their economies for robust and sustainable employment- and wealth-generation. This course is unique in the MENA region. It will take more advanced participants through the process of establishing and managing a broad-based profitable and sustainable SME banking business.


  • SME Banking – not just about lending
  • Designing a marketing programme, and a suite of credit products that can be effectively sold to the SME market
  • Understanding a structured approach to marketing through intermediaries and channels to reach the better SMEs
  • Applying advanced value chain concepts to designing and marketing banking programmes for SMEs
  • Identifying external resources (funding and technical support) to complement their own resources in developing a sustainable SME banking business
  • How can banks make sure that the key differences between lending to SMEs and lending to larger corporates are reflected in their credit process
  • Can any microfinance techniques be utilised in SME Banking?
  • Specific issues to be considered in financial analysis of SME borrowers
  • Incorporating 3rd party and informal financials’ into financial analysis
  • Coping with inadequate financial information
  • Introducing a range of innovative SME-specific products that are suitable for Vietnamese SME borrowers and depositors
  • Identifying suitable collateral to support SME loans – it’s not just about landed security
  • Issues in documenting and settling SME loans
  • Managing & monitoring an SME loan portfolio
  • Establishing an SME-specific Credit Scoring programme
  • Applying the 5 Cs of credit to the analysis of SME borrowers


  • General managers and regional managers
  • Heads of regional businesses and branches
  • Managers in branches responsible for SME banking
  • Marketing Managers and Team
  • Experts responsible for sales and distribution
  • Managers from credit departments and risk management
  • Experts responsible for corporate strategy and planning
  • Banking and strategy consultants

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