Traditionally, lenders have faced credit risk in the form of default by borrowers. To this date, credit risk remains major concern for lenders worldwide. The more they know about the creditworthiness of a potential borrower, the greater the chance they can maximize profits, increase market share, minimize risk, and reduce the financial provision that must be made for bad debt.

This course will help you make better financial decisions and enhance your ability to create value for shareholders. This course takes you back to the basic principles of credit analysis, enabling you to make better lending decisions, avoid poor credit and keep your business moving forward.


  • Understand the importance of cash flow and how healthy cash flows enhance the credit-worthiness of a company
  • Understand how accounting numbers can be manipulated and how to spot the warning signs that manipulation is present
  • Learn how country, industry and company factors affect credit risk
  • Perform a comprehensive evaluation of credit risk
  • Carry out a thorough credit analysis of a prospective borrower or credit customer
  • Design covenants and determine collateral that protect a lender’s positions
  • Understand the techniques of financial forecasting
  • Become a skilled credit analyst, able to assess credit-worthiness effectively and efficiently


  • Credit Officers
  • Credit Controllers
  • Credit Committee Members
  • Financial Managers
  • Credit Analysts
  • Investors

  • Financial Analysts
  • Portfolio Managers
  • Credit Officers
  • Commerical Bankers
  • Loan and lending Professionals
  • Fixed income professionals

“After completing the course my analytical approach, analytical skills, and presentation skills increased significantly . Must for every accounting and finance professional. Highly recommended.”
“Excellent course, very well structured. Very knowledgeable trainer, great experience.”
“I recommend this masterclass to everyone in the credit side of banking should pursue this masterclass . It validates your knowledge and experience in the industry. “

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