BIZENIUS has designed this two day masterclass in order to offer attendees practical guidance on how to implement the three ratios, focusing on the LCR, NSFR and Leverage Ratio implications and calculations.

The class will cover the requirements for the Liquidity Coverage Ratio and The Net Stability Funding Ratio.  The course will discuss differences in the Liquidity Coverage Ratio between the US and key member countries of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision. The course is interactive and is comprised of a lecture and topical articles to supplement discussions of recent developments in the implementation of Basel III and the Liquidity Standard.


  • A comprehensive understanding of liquidity rules within the overall regulatory framework
  • A clear update on how liquidity rules are impacting your overall framework and getting ready for full implementation
  • Examine the LCR implementation and the differences between full and modified LCR
  • Optimizing your high quality liquid assets
  • Evaluate how you can optimise your HQLAs including discussion on net cash flows and haircuts
  • Interplay between LCR, NSFR & leverage ratio
  • Assessing LCR implementation and NSFR guidelines
  • Understand the reporting requirements that are expected from you and your company
  • Review the NSFR guidelines and their practical application
  • Analyse the leverage ratio – its effect and the compliance burdens that go with it
  • NSFR practical application
  • Developing appropriate liquidity reporting requirements


  • Liquidity Risk Manager
  • Risk Manager
  • Risk analyst/controller
  • Quantitative Analytics
  • Treasurer
  • Basel III Reporting Manager
  • Financial Reporting
  • Risk Modelling
  • ALM
  • Liquidity consultant
  • Head of Funding

  • Regulator/ Regulatory Developer
  • Compliance Manager
  • Balance Sheet Manager
  • Liquidity Analyst
  • Internal Auditor
  • Risk Officer
  • Capital Risk Manager
  • Capital Advisor
  • Head of Market Risk
  • Head of Credit Risk

“The training was very well organized. The content was very relevant to my role. The interactive discussion was encouraged and the trainer was also very knowledgeable of the subject matter. I would recommend this training to all who are involved at some stage of retail banking product development.”
“I would like to recommend the marketing teams as well for this training. It was indeed a time well spent and a memorable experience.”
“It was an extraordinary training methodology and a multidisciplinary approach, as well as a clear and strong content structure that focused on core Retail banking. The training methodology helped participants to realize a deeper knowledge of Product Management and Development.”

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