SME Banking 3.0 is focused on helping the bankers involved with SME borrowers. This includes both line bankers at the customer relationship level and credit specialists overseeing lending decisions. As well, specialists in marketing, sales, product development and training who are involved in a bank’s SME service line can better understand. SME Banking 3.0 systematically develops sta$ skills to evaluate both qualitative and quantitative factors and assess the creditworthiness of a small business borrower which is typically unable to provide much in the way of either formal financial reporting information or tangible collateral security. Lenders must find creative ways to detect debt service capacity all the while screening out unsavory risks. This three-day course is taught by a seasoned industry practitioner in a highly interactive setting that includes exercises, case studies and group discussions with your peers.


  • Overview of the logic of credit: rational thinking decision frameworks
  • Learning to use both hard and soft information in credit judgment
  • Reviewing analytical skills in the interpretation of financial statement results
  • Reconstructing #nancial pictures from proxy information
  • Grasping fundamental drivers of success and risk in various industry sectors
  • Apply standard risk cost, RAROC, economic capital and EVA
  • Apply modern credit scoring systems
  • Improve the credit decision process
  • Assessing management capabilities and judging their commercial “street smarts”
  • Quantifying debt service capacity from cash !ow generation
  • Understanding where the borrower is coming from financial management principles
  • Structuring: Working capital revolvers & capital expenditure term loans
  • Honing communication skills to articulate a lending rational in credit write-ups
  • Implement an effective risk limit system


This programme is aimed to enhance the capabilities, personal qualities and confidence of,

  • Heads of regional businesses and branches RM
  • Managers in branches responsible for SME banking
  • Experts responsible for sales and distribution
  • Managers from credit departments and risk management
  • Experts responsible for corporate strategy and planning
  • Banking and strategy consultants
  • SME customer relationship officer
  • SME credit officer
  • SME selling officer
  • Branch & regional managers overseeing SME markets
  • Credit portfolio supervisors
  • Head officer product development specialists
  • Internal auditors (SME portfolios)
  • Credit risk management experts
  • SME strategic advisers
“The training was very well organized. The content was very relevant to my role. The interactive discussion was encouraged and the trainer was also very knowledgeable of the subject matter. I would recommend this training to all who are involved at some stage of SME banking.”
“I would get my entire credit and RM team go through this training. As it will help them in their day to day work in making right decision “
“It was an extraordinary training methodology and a multidisciplinary approach, as well as a clear and strong content structure that focused on core Retail banking. The training methodology helped participants to realize a deeper knowledge of SME banking”

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