BIZENIUS arranges customized bilateral programs and on-site training programs on central banking issues mainly to improve collaboration between central banks and to contribute human resources development in central banks.

The role of central banks has grown increasingly important globally. Their role has shifted from national, micro-regulation to global, macro regulation. In some quarters, it is contended that central bankers have become the most powerful players in the global economy. As stated in The Economist: Before the financial crisis started in 2008 central bankers were often seen as backroom technocrats, unelected, unexciting men in grey suits, who adjusted interest rates to keep prices stable on the basis of widely agreed rules. Today, the suits are the same, but not much else. Central bankers have become the most powerful players in the global economy. By providing massive liquidity to the financial system, they saved the world from economic collapse in 2008.

Customized bilateral programs are designed to provide a platform for experience sharing. Experts from the Central Bank from different regions to exchange their experiences on predetermined topics. BIZENIUS organizes these programs in the forms of study visits and expert visits upon request.


  • Mobile Payments: Central Banks’ Role in Development, Oversight and Regulation
  • Monetary Policy – BIG Data Angle
  • Financial Inclusion and Education: Strategies and Policies
  • Basel III: Implementing the Global Regulatory Framework
  • Business Resilience: BCP and Crisis Management in Central Banking
  • NEW! Cyber Risk and Resilience: Strategies, Policies and Frameworks for Central Banks
  • NEW! RegTech and SupTech: New Opportunities in Reporting, Regulation and Supervision


Program is designed for the employees of central bank exclusively .

“Very enriching course. A lot of information given in an easy-to-follow manner and applied in practice through the team game at the end. Overall, excellent residential program”
“I would strongly recommend the course to the staff of regulatory and supervisory bodies who are acquainted with the principles of finance and prudential supervision”
“It was a very informative training course and a great opportunity to get in touch with many persons with other banks, discussing and elaborating on up-to-date banking developments “
“The course gave me a lot to take back to the office: knowledge, exciting new insights and networks. A must-attend course for anyone active in the field of banking resolution”

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