Operational Excellence (OE )(or Lean business-thinking) as a business practice will help to eliminate waste and create, retain and sustain wealth for the business.

The most powerful and sustainable OE cultures exist in organizations that align Operational Excellence programs and activities with the strategic goals of the company and thereby improve its competitive position, thus ensuring the support of the Board of Directors and shareholder groups.

Through our systematic operational excellence model, we take organizations on an accelerated path from strategy to sustainability. By benchmarking to 33 standards of excellence that map to the critical components in the model, organizations can quickly isolate areas for immediate improvement while also uncovering long term opportunities.


  • Developing your skills as a strategic leader
  • Involving leadership and front line staff on business improvement and the importance of metrics
  • Improving Work Culture
  • Engaging your employees: remove the fear factor and create a culture of transparency
  • Creating a winning vision and strategic plans for your organization
  • Understanding your employees purpose and processes to show to the executive leadership team on their impact
  • The Concept of Operational Excellence (OE)
  • Operational Excellence and Lean Six Sigma Approach
  • Operational Excellence and Performance
  • Enhancing the performance of the employees
  • The capabilities required for leading through change


Continuous Improvement (CI), (Operational / Performance / Process) Excellence, Lean (Thinking / Management / Manufacturing), Leadership / Innovation / Strategy / Planning, Culture Change / Change Management, Customer Centricity / Experience, Operations / Supply Chain / Production, (Business / Process / Digital) Transformation, Process Automation, Master Back Belt (MBB), Total Quality Management (TQM), Lean 6 Sigma (LSS), Business Process Management (BPM), Agility, Human Resources, QHSE (Quality, health, safety, environment.

“Excellent course. I have gained significant knowledge around operational excellence and customer intimacy. All companies should put any and all of their executive leadership team that have the responsibility to influence operational excellence within their business through this program.”
“Presentation exercise is very informative and it gave me a better understanding of issues that could arise in operation excellence”
“Course has a good depth of oil & gas operations, very educative”

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