This course will give an insight into Basic Fire Fighting in a Container Freight Station, ICDs, ports terminals, and warehouses including specific firefighting procedures based on MSDS.


  • Introduction, concept and application of fire, Fire Triangle and Fire Prevention Principle
  • Flammable material found in a CFS, ICDs, ports, terminals, and warehouses with need for vigilance
  • Fire hazards
  • General alarm, Fire plan, Muster list, communication, drills and safety procedures
  • Location of firefighting appliances, emergency routes and fire spread
  • Alarm systems and classification of fires and extinguishing agents
  • Precautions for use of fixed fire extinguishing installations
  • Fire hoses and nozzles, portable fire extinguishers, fire man’s out fit
  • Fire blankets, fire safety arrangements, fire alarms and actions
  • Firefighting mediums
  • Small fires
  • Extensive fires
  • Breathing apparatus
  • MSDS – Understating specific emergency response procedures which includes fire and spillage


This short course is intended for all personnel assigned to a facility where Oil and Gas process is in place.


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